American Made Socks
This year, invest in a little American-made quality.

Triblend Fleece

Super-soft hoodies, pullovers, and crews made in Pennsylvania by Royal Apparel.
Starting at $48.00

Tee Time

Cotton, triblend and 50-50 fabrications, made in Pennsylvania by Royal Apparel and in South Carolina by Cohort.
from $19.00

Un-boring Socks

Stripes and patterns, quality made in North Carolina by Sunnyside Textiles.

quality > quantity.

Slow fashion? Quality basics? Whatever you call us, know that we stand for quality over quantity. We’re big on math, so let’s put it this way: one quality tee that lasts five years is better than 10 tees that last six months each. It’s better for your wallet, and with nine fewer tees in a landfill, it’s better for the earth too.

True to our model, we took our time researching and finding the right partners for Cohort. We developed our own socks in partnership with one of the best hosiery manufacturers in the US, created our Ashland Tee from scratch and had it sewn in South Carolina and dyed in Pennsylvania, and found some of the best affordable American-made basics brands out there to round it all out.

So why are we so big on American made? We’re thinking long term. Learn more here.

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