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    We didn't get our start making stuff in the USA.
    In fact, we were darn good at making stuff pretty much everywhere else – shirts from Indonesia, yoga pants from Swaziland, tees from Egypt and the Dominican Republic, and pretty much anything else you can think of from China.

    But when we needed to try out some new styles, we checked out making them here in the US. To our surprise, it was great. No nine month lead times, no fourteen hour time differences, no massive minimum order quantities, and production you could go check out without a visa and a passport.

    So we were hooked.
    But you know what? Finding clothing manufacturers in the US was hard. It still is. You know the story now – twenty, thirty years ago, retailers took advantage of cheap labor overseas and moved it all out. And the factories closed. Now, made in USA accounts for a measly 2.6% of clothing purchased in the US.

    And then we realized that it's just as hard to find USA-made clothing... least, clothing that's not ridiculously overpriced or cool circa 1988. You know, stuff that you – a real person in the 21st century – would wear.

    That's where Cohort comes in.
    To find and make the best USA-made apparel and accessories, and bring it to you. At a reasonable price. And by doing so (we hope), we'll make it easier for us and everyone else to make even more cool stuff that you want to wear here in the US and sell it at even more reasonable prices.

    That's it.
    Well, and to have a little fun doing it.