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    USA Sewing Factory

    Making clothing here in the US is just better.
    For all of us.

    Think about it. No question marks about fishy labor standards & practices, all in the name of a $4 tee that might survive the first wash. And instead of your tee traveling 6,000 miles on boats, trains and freight lines to reach you, how about just a few hundred miles on a truck?

    When we make things here, we're better equipped to figure out how to do it better, cleaner, faster, and cheaper.

    T-Shirt on Sewing Machine

    But it should be easier.

    After retailers outsourced apparel production to Asia in the eighties and nineties, American made clothing sits at just 2.6% of the retail market.

    And it should be an easy choice to make.

    Great fit, great quality. Casual, modern style. Prices that won't bust your wallet.
    And feeling good about where your clothes come from and how they were made? The icing on the cake, my friend.

    So, here we go.

    In between googling photoshop tips, DIY...everything, and agonizing over the fit, quality, and details of everything we make, we promise not to take ourselves too seriously along the way. Well, ok. We'll keep working on that part.

    Cohort Logo

    Making American Made Easier.